Homophones #5

Vydáno dne 17.06.2019

Homofony jsou slova, která stejně zní, ale jinak se píší. Zkuste si, zda znáte pár pokročilejších dvojic slovíček.

V každé větě vždy doplňte jedno slovo tak, aby věta dávala smysl. Stažené tvary (např. can't, won't) se počítají jako jedno slovo. V každé dvojici vět se obě slova musí vyslovovat stejně.

Pozor! V některých případech jde o homofony pouze v britské angličtině!

The verbs “let” and “make” are followed by a BARE infinitive.
I can’t BEAR it anymore! I’ll run away from home!

She let me down again. She didn’t show up to my performance, although she said she ___________________________(1) !
I have many chores to do today. The hardest will be chopping all of the ___________________________(2) for the fire.

I still remember that handsome young boy from the theatre who always brought me a single red ___________________________(3) .
If you ask the boss for a rise, he’ll shrug, smirk and say that even though you are in the same boat, he's the one who ___________________________(4)  it!

How on earth could you know my zodiac sign? – I just ___________________________(5) .
Do you mind if I use your bathroom? – Be my  ___________________________(6) .

The type of ___________________________(7) in classic fairy tales and the kind in the Harry Potter books are miles away from each other.
When Mark proposed to Michelle, and she said no, I didn’t know ___________________________(8) way to look.

We were told it’d be about three kilometres to the top of the trail, but it was much ___________________________(9) .
Have you heard? Thomas’s become a ___________________________(10)  !

When you arrive, ___________________________(11) a car at the airport. It’s the cheapest way to travel to the hotel.
You’d better not climb any ___________________________(12) ! If you fall you could break something!

I used to prefer the Detective Poirot stories, but recently I've been only reading the stories about ___________________________(13) .
The mayor promised to build new ___________________________(14) for the growing population.

Yesterday I got caught for speeding three times, and each time I was ___________________________(15) a large sum of money!
I’m just wondering where you were able to ___________________________(16) such nice, big mushrooms in this area.

We’ve got about ten apple trees, some plum and cherry trees, but no ___________________________(17) tree.
I saw the headmaster telling off a ___________________________(18) of teenagers smoking in the yard.

It seemed at first that I was winning, but then I lost both of my ___________________________(19) and a rook, and before I knew it, I had lost the whole game.
“The lonely ___________________________(20) without you are long and lonely…”, he wrote to his wife, waiting for him back home.

Správné odpovědi: 1) would ; 2) wood ; 3) rose ; 4) rows ; 5) guessed ; 6) guest ; 7) witch ; 8) which ; 9) farther ; 10) father ; 11) hire ; 12) higher ; 13) Holmes ; 14) homes ; 15) fined ; 16) find ; 17) pear ; 18) pair ; 19) knights ; 20) nights
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