Cloze: Easter Traditions

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Vyzkoušejte si krátký test zaměřený na doplňování slov do textu.

Easter Traditions

Have you ever heard ___________________________(1) “egg-rolling”? It must ___________________________(2) quite an exciting game. First people decorate eggs ___________________________(3) different colours, then take the eggs to the top of a hill and ___________________________(4) them roll down. The first egg to get ___________________________(5) the foot of the ___________________________(6) is the winner. Another interesting British tradition is the decoration of Easter bonnets. Some women ___________________________(7) girls decorate hats, called Easter bonnets. They ___________________________(8) lots of spring flowers on them, and wear them in Easter bonnet parades.

Do you feel ___________________________(9) eating something British for Easter? Just try Easter buns! Hot Cross Buns ___________________________(10) traditionally served ___________________________(11) Good Friday (the Friday before Easter). Hot Cross buns are bread buns with currants and spices and they have a cross on top (to represent the cross of Jesus). They are best hot, and there even is an old song ___________________________(12)  them.

(Adapted from an article written by Katherine Rose McCurrie)

Správné odpovědi: 1) of / about ; 2) be ; 3) with / in ; 4) let / make ; 5) to ; 6) hill / slope ; 7) and ; 8) put / place ; 9) like ; 10) are / were ; 11) on / before ; 12) about / celebrating
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