Cloze: The History of Valentine's Day

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Do krátkého článku o historii dne Sv. Valentýna doplňte vynechaná slova.

Cloze: The History of Valentine's Day

Do následujícího textu doplňte chybějící slova. Do každé mezery patří vždy pouze jediné slovo (může to být např. předložka, spojka, člen, zájmeno, podstatné jméno apod.)

Valentine's Day is also ___________________________(1) as Saint Valentine’s Day since it's named ___________________________(2) Saint Valentine. He was a priest ___________________________(3) lived in Rome during the 3rd century. During his time, Emperor Claudius passed a ___________________________(4) that didn’t allow Roman soldiers to marry. He wanted them to ___________________________(5) completely devoted to serving Rome. ___________________________(6) is where Saint Valentine came in to help. He helped these soldiers ___________________________(7) married in secret ceremonies. But unfortunately, after a ___________________________(8) of time, Saint Valentine was caught and jailed for ___________________________(9) a traitor and betraying Claudius. When he was in jail, he was devoted to his fellow prisoners and helped some of them escape. He fell in ___________________________(10) with the jailer's daughter. She was blind and many people believed that he had cured her blindness. He loved her ___________________________(11) much that he wrote her a love letter to express his affection and admiration for her ___________________________(12) being executed. He signed ___________________________(13) ‘From your Valentine’. He was executed ___________________________(14) the 14th of February.

Správné odpovědi: 1) known ; 2) after ; 3) who / that ; 4) law / rule ; 5) be / stay ; 6) This / That ; 7) get ; 8) period / bit ; 9) being / becoming ; 10) love ; 11) so ; 12) before ; 13) it ; 14) on
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