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Yes, I have. Of course I have:).......
I was playing the piano… it was a concert of the music school I went to and I wasn't wearing a very practical blouse. It was sleeveless and during my performance the strap of my bra popped out and was visible on my arm. To tell you the truth, I don't think I would care much today but I was really embarrassed back then… I was about 13 or 14 or something.....:)
(I was really looking forward to someone else's story but nothing happened for 3 months so I lost patience:)........)

Have you ever met your biggest idol?

No, I have never met my biggest idol, because I just don't have any idol. I am thinking who would it be and to be honest, I cannot recall anyone.

Have you ever driven an old American muscle car?

No, I haven´t. In my work, I have been driving the BMW for many yaers; however, it is the funciest car a have ever driven till now.

How many times have you been vaccinated agains the Covid 19 disease ?


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