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Hello! Recently, I met a serious problem in terms of age and thus the knowledge of users Help for English. Some people sign up for this project. But they can go for example to the second class. Then they don´t have a good vocabulary. And it is wrong. :-(

Bad problem…

I'm afraid it's not exactly clear what you mean. Do you need our help with anything? :)

I do not exactly get what you mean by your post either, but anyway:

If you mind someone's weaker knowledge of English, then you miss the main purpose of this website. Help for English is here for ALL students and learners of English language, regardless of their level or age.

Josef is bloody right. And on top of all that, your English doesn't seem to be so good, either. So I don't think you have the right to judge someone unless you can write a post that makes sense…

I can´t agree with Daniel and Josef more.

Thus, I really mean that. I just wanted to say that experienced by them (less experienced) should lead by example. Firstly. Sam got very bad English. Yes I know. Not one of those more experienced and now I seek the help of those who are better (and more especially) knowledge. In short, they are better at English. Yes, so it could be called. And secondly … you know, after registration on this project-Help for English-sought me one girl. I wanted her to write, so I sent her a message. Of course, English. After a week, she said. He wrote: I'm sorry, but I do not understand a word … So I had it translated into Czech. She thanked me (Czech) sent a response (also in English). I can not remember what we wrote. She did not understand me. I think only one message understood. And I am sorry … I do not want anyone to say that does not belong here, do not. Rather the opposite. I only regret that communication. :-(:.

She did not understand me.

It doesn´t surprise me she didn´t understand you. :-D

Odkaz na příspěvek Příspěvek od Ritter vložený před rokem

She did not understand me.

It doesn´t surprise me she didn´t understand you. :-D

Me neither. :-)

I seek the help of those who are better (and more especially) knowledge. In short, they are better at English.

You will get that help if you ask for it, don't be afraid. You badly need to practice your English and here you are in the right place.

But how would you decide who has good English? And you can't restrict access for people with worse English (like yourself), who want to get some practice. You would actually restrict yourself. Can you see the lapse in logic in your requirement? We would only really be left with those, who don't need help themselves.

A bit of humility doesn't hurt sometimes. I would even guess that your girl didn't necessarily have a problem with understanding English per se. I got completely lost in your rant as well (as have others, I see).

Let's try an experiment. When you next reply, do it in short and concise sentences. No thuses and other high vocab. Baby steps first. You can show off your high style when others understand the basic stuff. Importantly, do some light reading on word order. Yours is so Czech! Spell check should always be your last step (I was wondering who the hell is Sam).

Everyone makes mistakes, I'm sure made a few myself. It's an important part in the learning process. But you know how it goes with throwing stones when having a glass house yourself. End of lynching. Hope it helps though.


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