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Rotary Laser Leveling Methods

A self leveling rotary laser is the desired option for laser measuring, but sometimes, all you can have is a manual laser level. Regardless of the options you use, you can always maintain a high level of accuracy and complete your job in no time. One significant advantage of the self-leveling rotating laser is that it automatically levels without your input.

There are three leveling methods for a rotary laser level including manual, self-leveling, and electronic self-leveling. Some rotating laser levels offer two or three of these options. Consult Laser Level Hub website for The Best Rotating Laser Level Reviews to find your ideal rotating laser level.

The Manual Rotating Laser Leveling Method

A manual level is an option for leveling where the user is involved in the calibration and leveling function. In this case, you have to adjust the device to work on the in-built bubble vials for measurement. Keep in mind that the accuracy of your measurement will depend on the level’s vial quality, your eye, and the accuracy of your calibration.

The accuracy of most manual rotating laser levels can be as high as 1/8” per 30 feet. The setup of this device often takes longer, but it can be the least expensive option, especially for beginners and budget-conscious users.

Self-leveling Method

The self-leveling option is a more convenient option for measuring with a rotating laser level. This measurement option involves the device measuring by itself with the aid of the inbuilt pendulum and magnetic connection.

With the self-leveling option, accuracy in these devices can reach up to 1/8” even at 100 feet. This is a tremendous improvement in accuracy over the manual laser levels. The best rotary laser level is a self-leveler, but it is also one of the most expensive options you can find.

The Electric Self-leveling Method

As its name suggests, this option is very much similar to the self-leveling rotating laser level. It is also referred to as the automatic self-leveling option that relies on and is powered by some powerful electric motors to self-level.

The electric self-leveling rotating laser has the best accuracy because it can attain up to 1/16” even at 100 feet, which is far better than the accuracy in ordinary self-leveling laser levels. You need to connect this rotary laser level to an electric source if it doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery.


Now that you understand the different rotating laser level measuring options, you need to choose based on your needs and budget. Beginner users may familiarize themselves with rotating laser leveling by opting for the manual. Commercial laser level users may opt for the self-leveling laser level, while industrial and large-scale users may choose the motorized electrical rotary laser levels. The electrically powered option costs much more than other options though you will get the best value for your money due to its excellent accuracy.

If you ask yourself the question: What is The Best Rotary Laser Level for outdoor and most DIY home measurements, your likely answer will be a rotary laser level with the best accuracy rating. Do not forget to check out product reviews and comparisons on the Laser Level Hub website.

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