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Real World Philosophy ETHICS IN SOCIETY

The truth is, philosophy shows up in daily life. People can find it used in the workplace, through religion and at home, when parenting.

Philosophy is often suspected of being intangible and impractical, but it helps me write my essay. Although “principles” are abstract, with practice people can learn to see them. “[Ethics is] is the philosophical study of morality. The word is also commonly used interchangeably with ‘morality’ to mean the subject matter of this study; and sometimes it is used more narrowly to mean the moral principles of a particular tradition, group, or individual. Christian ethics and Albert Schweitzer's ethics are examples.” (John Deigh in Robert Audi (ed), The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, 1995).

Ethics in Philosophy One of the first places you find it is when you get hired at a company and they give you a leaflet containing the organization's Mis­sion Statement, Philosophy and Vision. For this reason, you may work for a corporation that summed up its philosophy into one paragraph. Every day that employees are expected to be honest and are, the corporate philosophy of honesty is being upheld. When people start running off with the office supplies en mass, then there is an ethical problem. Where is the line, from taking advantage of a freebie to stealing? When your company donates to charities or provides a website that writes essays for you, it is showing that the company intends to help others – the ethical ideas are helping the greater good and helping those who help us.

The next place people stumble across philosophy daily is through religion. Many other people don't agree and feel that society without God as the moral authority would be a cesspool of evil and iniquity. Treasuring life, and making virtues of honesty and diligent labor, and family loyalties are all virtues that are part of ethics and morality. “Right to lifers” argues that God's law makes abortion immoral because it involves the killing of the innocent and defies the belief that pregnancy is a blessing from God.

There are people who make efforts to separate religious morality from philosophical ethics. Two examples are secular humanism and utilitarianism. The philosophy of John Stuart Mill known as utilitarianism is one of the philosophies that try to show how ethics can be justified without religion. Secular humanists may argue that the life of the pregnant woman is as important as that of the fetus. While abortions should be rare, and avoided, in the event that the woman's life is in danger, they should be both safe and legal.

Parenting involves philosophy too. Whenever parents teach their children about right and wrong, they are teaching ethics. The methods used to discipline children tell you about the parents' real ethical code. Whether the rule is “no biting” or “do your homework before you borrow the car” these are ethical regulations parents are applying. Both are about respect for others and being responsible for one's actions.

Readers have been shown how intimately connected ethics and morality are. Humanists and ministers often have differences in approach and underlying reason but often support identical behaviors such as honesty is good and so to is kindness.

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