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All of us have faced the fact that we need to write an essay, but we don't know how to do it. It doesn't seem that complicated, but when we sit down to write it, we don't have any ideas in our heads. Now here are some tips on how to write an essay or you can use an essay writing apps.

1. Choose a topic for your essay (if you have not been given one beforehand). It is best to choose one that you like or are already familiar with. In order to reason about a phenomenon, you need to have a certain amount of knowledge.

2. Think about the content and structure of your future essay. Make an outline according to the principle: introduction, main part, conclusion. An essay is personal reasoning, and although the form is free – it is better to submit everything to a certain logic, so that the reader (teacher, blog subscriber, member of the admission committee) – will not get lost in your conclusions.

3. In the first paragraph, engage the reader with your topic. Start the introduction by describing an unusual case or fact related to psychology. The story can relate specifically to your topic, or it can be a story that inspired the reasoning described in the essay. The main body of the essay should reveal the topic itself with the help of various arguments. In conclusion, summarise the reasoning with conclusions and perhaps suggest your own solution to the problem.

4. Use various expressive means: metaphors, allegories, quotations, images and comparisons. Such techniques will make your text more interesting and varied. Try to avoid complexly constructed sentences. Stick to the rule: one sentence – one thought. You can polemicise with different authors and points of view in the text, if it is appropriate.

Pay attention. If you do not have enough knowledge to write an essay, use basic scientific works on your topic, watch documentaries. Consult your supervisor for easier reference.

Useful advice

Essay in French translates as ‘try, tryout’. So follow this principle and simply try to explain your views on a phenomenon in a text.