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A digital learning platform is an information space that brings together participants in the learning process, enables remote education, provides access to methodological materials and information, and allows for testing to control the level of learners' knowledge. Read about the best online learning platforms click here.

The popularity of e-learning platforms with interactive learning capabilities is growing, especially in the context of today's reality. The transition to distance learning requires the introduction of modern teaching methods using not only computers but also other modern technology.

Tasks of an online education platform.

Three main tasks can be distinguished that digital online learning platforms help to solve:

  • Distance learning and knowledge control for the educational institution;
  • Automation of the process of professional development and training of company employees;
  • Organisation of training courses in different business areas.

Structure of an educational platform for training. An educational platform has a block structure, on the basis of which a system of training courses for different tasks can be created.

The only difference is the interface of the platform, the pricing plans, the content and the choice of teaching methods.

Advantages of digital learning platforms We could talk a long time about how easy the process of creating training courses online platforms, but let's focus on the main advantages:

The learner can receive information at any convenient time, regardless of location;

  • Use of modern technology and multimedia tools training material can be

    visual, interesting and easy to understand;

  • All necessary materials are available to the trainee;
  • Independent work develops self-organisation, discipline and initiative;
  • Possibility of distance learning for people with disabilities;
  • It is possible to form courses using the latest training methods;
  • Getting statistics at all stages of training on the effectiveness of the methodology and feedback from trainees on the quality of teaching and accessibility of the material, which provides a unique opportunity to modify the platform and improve the learning process.

Disadvantages Such platforms are not without some disadvantages, as psychologists remind us. Lack of communication and social aspects of learning – information sharing and emotional involvement in the process. Also a lack of control in terms of discipline, but this aspect is only important in the learning process of children and adolescents.

Main elements of a digital learning platform:

  • A personal office for a teacher or learner
  • Knowledge base
  • Monitoring and assessment module
  • Interactivity module
  • Planning and notification module
  • Statistics module
  • System administration module