The Royal Family: Princess Anne

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Článek o princezně Anně, dceři královny Alžběty II. a prince Filipa.

The Royal Family:

Princess Anne

Princess Anne Princess Anne is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

She was born in 1950, at which point she had the title 'Princess'. In 1987 she was made 'Princess Royal'.

She was educated at home and then went on to a boarding school in Kent (she was the first child of any king or queen to attend a boarding school). Her interests at school included horse riding, rock climbing and badminton. She became a pro equestrian and has competed at many events with her horses over the years. In September 1971 she won the individual European Three-Day Event at Burghley, and was nominated Sportswoman of the Year by the Sports Writers' Association, the Daily Express newspaper and World Sport (the journal of the British Olympic Association). She was also voted the BBC's Sports Personality of 1971.

Princess Anne has been married twice, first to Captain Mark Philips, and is now the wife of Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence. Her first child Peter, born in 1977, is the Queen's first grandchild. Her second child, Zara, was born in 1981. Neither Peter nor Zara have any official royal duties, but make their contribution in other ways. Zara followed in her mother's footsteps and now represents Britain at major equestrian events. She was the European champion in three day eventing a few years ago.

Like the rest of the members of the royal family, she has a very busy social agenda. She spends a lot of her time helping and supporting her mother. She represents and is a spokeswoman for many charitable organizations. She is the president of the Save the Children Fund (this charity has existed since 1970 and operates and tries to help children in many developing third world countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Botswana and Madagascar. Princess Anne frequently makes personal visits to these places). She works with two hundred other organizations.

Princess Anne is also on the International Olympic Committee - she is the British representative.

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