Three Little Drummers

Vydáno dne 17.12.2008

Poněkud netradiční vánoční koleda a skutečný bonbónek pro milovníky keltské hudby v podání jedné z nejlepších kapel zabývajících se tímto hudebním žánrem – THE CROSSING.

The Crossing

Three Little Drummers

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Three little drummers stood on the high ground,
They walked all about and they circled around

When they were abreast, three in the line
Then off they did go for to follow the sign.
Valley and stubble and river and rill
Three little drummers came over the hill
Three drummers from Africa leading the way
To play for the Baby on Christmas day

Baker and beggar and soldier and Jew
Who do as they will or as other men do

Sheep in the pasture did wander afar
To join with their brothers and follow the star

Then cities did open and nations arise
To follow their kings and the light in the skies

Music: traditional, words by Robert Beers, performed by The Crossing.
Copyright (c) 1998 Grrr Records, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

The Crossing Grrr Records
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