Christmas in London (photo quiz)

Vydáno dne 04.12.2010

Netradiční obrázkový kvíz s fotografiemi vánočního Londýna.

Před rokem jste si u nás mohli přečíst mini cestopis o Vánocích v Londýně. Letos si můžete vyzkoušet předvánoční obrázkový kvíz. Po vyhodnocení testu najdete kromě správných odpovědí o kompletní překlad všech vět. Pro úspěšné zvládnutí kvízu určitě doporučujeme přečtení výše zmíněného článku.

  1. Let's start our journey with this night picture of a street. There is a red double-decker bus and the street is crowded with people. It's a very famous shopping street in London. Where was this photo taken?

    1. Downing Street, London
    2. Oxford Street, London
    3. Piccadilly Circus, London
    4. Regent Street, London
  2. This was a lovely shop window display back in 2007 with a lot of toys. Do you know which store this shop window belongs to?

    1. Debenhams in Oxford Street
    2. Harrods in Brompton Road
    3. Marks and Spencer in Regent Street
    4. the famous Hamleys toy store
  3. This is another Christmas decoration. This time it looks like ‘paper’ chains. Well, they are not made of paper, but I'm sure they remind you of the ones you had (or have) on your Christmas trees. Where was this photo taken?

    1. Hyde Park, London
    2. Kensington, London
    3. Marylebone, london
    4. Soho, London
  4. What a lovely setting. A Christmas tree by a fire place, a lot of gifts and stockings. But whose flat is it? And is it actually a flat?

    1. No, it' s just a shop window display.
    2. No, it's an area inside a department store.
    3. Yes, it's my friend's flat.
    4. Yes, it's my friends' flat.
  5. And what do we have here? This is a photo from a Christmas market and this question will be extremely easy. What can you see in the picture?

    1. dried fruits
    2. fresh berries
    3. nuts
    4. nuts and berries
  6. These beautiful Christmas decorations were in Regent Street back in 2007. They were clusters of lights that continually changed colours and sequence. The lights reacted to different things such as music, movement on the street, population density of the people below or weather conditions. Who brought them to Regent Street and why?

    1. Harrods, because they opened a new shop in Regent Street.
    2. Nokia, because they opened a new store in Regent Street.
    3. Philips, because this was a part of their big advertising campaign.
    4. Samsung, because they sponsored a famous Christmas market in that street.
  7. Another picture taken at night. What can you see in the picture?

    1. an observation wheel in Hyde Park
    2. the Hyde Park Eye
    3. the London Eye
    4. the Millenium Eye
  8. This is another picture from a Christmas market. This time it's Borough Market. You can see a close-up photo of a rack with many different kinds of one beverage. What beverage is it?

    1. beer
    2. cider
    3. juice
    4. wine
  9. Let's stay at Borough Market for a while. This picture might not be pleasing to the eye, but it is also connected with Christmas. What can you see in this picture?

    1. ducks and chickens
    2. chickens and geese
    3. chickens and turkeys
    4. turkeys and ducks
  10. This is our final photo today. You can see a man on the river bank in the heart of London. Can you guess what he is trying to build from the sand?

    1. a couple watching telly
    2. a man with a Christmas tree
    3. Father Christmas watching TV
    4. Santa Claus on skis
Správné odpovědi: 1) b, 2) a, 3) d, 4) a, 5) a, 6) b, 7) a, 8) a, 9) d, 10) a
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