BUSINESS 07: Airport (test A)

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Závěrečný test A sedmé lekce kurzu obchodní angličtiny, která se věnovala cestování: Jack letí za svou sestrou do Londýna, ale v jeho příběhu chybí některá slovíčka spojená s leteckou dopravou. Umíte je správně vybrat?

Course Map (mapa kurzu)

Unit 07: AIRPORT


Vyberte z možností tu, která se do textu hodí nejlépe. Pokud si nejste jisti, podrobné články o cestování letadlem můžete najít zde:
první část / druhá část

Jack wanted to visit his sister in London and decided that it would be much more convenient to fly. On the other hand, ha had never flown before and was a bit scared. He also didn't want to spend a fortune on the ________________________________ (1) ticket so he browsed the Internet for a couple of hours and discovered a ________________________________ (2) airline that had a very reasonable price for a return ticket. He had to buy ________________________________ (3) and pay using his credit card, which was also a bit complicated, but he managed in the end.

On the day of his departure he was very nervous. He called a taxi and got to the airport more than three hours before ________________________________ (4) . He had never been at an airport before, so he wasn't too sure where to go first. After a few minutes he found the ________________________________ (5) where he saw details of his flight.

He saw the flight number, time and destination, but that was all. There was no ________________________________ (6) or gate number. Jack checked his watch and realised that it was perfectly alright because he still had almost three hours before  ________________________________ (7) .

He knew that he could use ________________________________ (8) , or he could have checked in online at home, but since he had never done that before, he wasn't sure how complicated it might get and how he would manage. If he had done that, he could just use the ________________________________ (9) counter now and it would be much faster.

So there he was, waiting for the ‘proper’ check-in, which should open in about one hour. He sat down in a nearby cafe and had a cup of coffee with some cake. He read a paper and waited.

When the ________________________________ (10) opened, he approached it to check in his ________________________________ (11) . He gave the assistant his ID and ticket and received his ________________________________ (12) . The assistant also wanted to see his ________________________________ (13) and put a tag around its handle that said  ________________________________ (14) .

After that he went through the ________________________________ (15) to the ________________________________ (16) where he had another coffee because he still had time. Naturally he was getting nervous, but was also happy that the plane wasn't delayed and everything went according to plan.

After he paid for his coffee he approached the ________________________________ (17) where he saw a queue of people waiting. He wasn't carrying any liquids so he just put his bag, watch, jacket and belt into one of the trays and went through the  ________________________________ (18) .

The gate didn't beep so he took his belongings and proceeded to the ________________________________ (19) . He sat down, tried to relax and waited for the ________________________________ (20) sign to appear on the screen.

When it did, he moved slowly to the gate where he got on his plane to London, happy that he would see his sister in a few hours.

    1. a) aircraft
    2. b) airway
    3. c) electronic
    4. d) plane
    1. a) frill-free
    2. b) low-budget
    3. c) no-cost
    4. d) no-frills
    1. a) a plane ticket
    2. b) an airplane ticket
    3. c) an e-ticket
    4. d) an electric ticket
    1. a) arrival
    2. b) departuring
    3. c) landing
    4. d) take-off
    1. a) arrivals board
    2. b) departures board
    3. c) departuring screen
    4. d) information bulletin
    1. a) information
    2. b) status
    3. c) ticket
    4. d) timing
    1. a) arrival
    2. b) board
    3. c) departure
    4. d) landing
    1. a) a check-in stand
    2. b) a self check-in stand
    3. c) a self-service check-in kiosk
    4. d) a self-service kiosk
    1. a) drop-off
    2. b) dropping
    3. c) give-in
    4. d) leave-in
    1. a) check desk
    2. b) check-in counter
    3. c) check-in stand
    4. d) checking desk
    1. a) carry baggage
    2. b) carry-on luggage
    3. c) hand luggage
    4. d) hold luggage
    1. a) board card
    2. b) boarding pass
    3. c) boarding ticket
    4. d) landing card
    1. a) carry-on luggage
    2. b) hold baggage
    3. c) hold lugagge
    4. d) checked baggage
    1. a) 'accredited cabin luggage'
    2. b) 'approved cabin luggage'
    3. c) 'authorised cabin luggage'
    4. d) 'granted carry-on luggage'
    1. a) passport control
    2. b) passport check
    3. c) passport check-in
    4. d) passpot examination
    1. a) duty area
    2. b) duty free territory
    3. c) duty-free zone
    4. d) tax-free district
    1. a) safety control
    2. b) safety check
    3. c) security control
    4. d) security check
    1. a) pass-through gate detector
    2. b) pass-trought gate detector
    3. c) walk-through gate detector
    4. d) walk-throught gate detector
    1. a) departing hall
    2. b) departure lobby
    3. c) departure lounge
    4. d) departuring hall
    1. a) 'boarding'
    2. b) 'embark'
    3. c) 'get on'
    4. d) 'getting on'
Správné odpovědi: 1) plane , 2) no-frills , 3) an e-ticket , 4) take-off , 5) departures board , 6) status , 7) departure , 8) a self-service check-in kiosk , 9) drop-off , 10) check-in counter , 11) hold luggage , 12) boarding pass , 13) carry-on luggage , 14) 'approved cabin luggage' , 15) passport control , 16) duty-free zone , 17) security check , 18) walk-through gate detector , 19) departure lounge , 20) 'boarding'
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