BUSINESS 07: Airport (test B)

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Závěrečný test B sedmé lekce kurzu obchodní angličtiny, která se věnovala cestování: Susan letí za bratrem do Prahy, ale v příběhu chybí některá slovíčka spojená s leteckou dopravou. Umíte je správně doplnit?

Course Map (mapa kurzu)

Unit 07: AIRPORT


Vyberte z možností tu, která se do textu hodí nejlépe. Pokud si nejste jisti, podrobné články o cestování letadlem můžete najít zde:
první část / druhá část

Susan's brother Jack has been living in Prague for over a year now, but she hasn't visited him there yet. About a month ago she decided it was time to change it. People say it's a city definitely worth visiting and she could kill two birds with one stone. She would see what the fuss was all about and she would also visit her brother. She is used to flying and she also knows how to get a cheap ___________________________(1) ticket with a ___________________________(2) airline.

She logged onto one of those websites and bought an ___________________________(3) . One day before ___________________________(4) she visited the site again and ___________________________(5) online. She just put her booking code in and chose a seat. She flies so often that she doesn't book a window seat anymore, and since she doesn't want to be squeezed between two people, she always chooses an ___________________________(6)  seat.

When she arrived at the airport she knew that she didn't need to check in, because she had done that online. She just looked for a place where to put her ___________________________(7) luggage. After about two minutes she found a ___________________________(8) counter where she just showed the assistant her ___________________________(9) , which she had printed at home, put her suitcase on the scales, left it there, and that was it. The assistant didn't even want to see her ___________________________(10) luggage.

Then she proceeded through the ___________________________(11) where she showed a customs officer her passport and then through the ___________________________(12) where she had to walk through a gate detector. And there she was in the ___________________________(13) zone. She loves shopping and can never resist a good bargain so she bought herself a perfume and a lipstick and waited for her plane in the  ___________________________(14) .

After about half an hour they announced that the plane was ready for ___________________________(15) so she got on and found her seat. She was helped by a steward (or maybe we should say a ___________________________(16) , because everyone knows that the words steward and stewardess aren't used so often nowadays). She wanted to keep her handbag on her lap, but the man told her to put it in the ___________________________(17) right above her seat. The plane started to ___________________________(18) on the runway so Susan ___________________________(19) her seat belt. After the plane ___________________________(20) she put on her MP3 player and relaxed while listening to her favourite music.

Správné odpovědi: 1) airline / plane ; 2) no-frills / budget ; 3) electronic ticket / e-ticket ; 4) departure / leaving ; 5) checked in ; 6) aisle ; 7) checked-in / checked ; 8) drop-off / drop off ; 9) boarding pass / boarding card ; 10) hand / carry-on ; 11) passport control ; 12) security check ; 13) duty free / duty-free ; 14) departure lounge ; 15) boarding / departure ; 16) flight attendant ; 17) overhead locker / overhead compartment ; 18) taxi ; 19) fastened ; 20) took off
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