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FCE: Listening, part 1

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Cvičný poslechový test cambridgeské zkoušky FCE, část 1.

FCE: Listening, part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1–8, choose the best answer. You will hear each situation twice.

  1. You hear an announcement on the radio. What kind of programme is being advertised?

  2. You hear part of a talk on the radio. What is the woman talking about?

  3. You hear a man talking about a restaurant he runs on a Caribbean island. What is he doing when he speaks?

  4. You overhear a woman talking to her colleague. Where does the woman work?

  5. You hear a scientist talking about a slimming diet which is used by people who want to lose weight. What does she say about the diet?

  6. You overhear a woman talking on the phone. Who is she speaking to?

  7. You hear someone talking about the work he does supplying fruit and vegetables. When does he receive most of the orders?

  8. You overhear a woman talking to a friend. What is she doing?

Přepis nahrávky

–1– Next today we catch up with the five teenagers who we have been interviewing regularly over the last few years since they were thirteen, one from each continent. Today we continue their fascinating life-stories. Listen to their views to get a really up-to-date account of what life is like for a teenager in the five different corners of our planet. Don't miss it – this week they are answering a variety of questions which have been sent in by you, the listeners.

–2– Every day throughout the summer commencing the 3rd Saturday in May until the 30th of September, local people who know something about the origins and development of the ancient city of York have volunteered to show visitors around the city and tell them about the old buildings, historic sites and the people who lived here. For people interested in the traditional dances of the ancient inhabitants of this area, there will be a special slide show at the end of each day.

–3– I wanted people to eat outside and so originally we had a canvas roof which you could roll back depending on the weather. It would flap about a bit in the wind, but gave good protection from the midday sun. But what tended to happen was that, after a heavy shower, this roof would fill with water, which at a certain point, given a gust of wind, would turn back on itself and empty its contents, splashing the diners beneath. So my son, before he left, built us this straw roof, but as there are no walls, we still get just enough sun and breeze.

–4– MAN: How do you like it now you're head of department?
WOMAN: Fine, I really want to make some changes though. Lots of parents just can't afford to keep buying new books you know for their children. They're just too expensive ? we really need to bring the price down. The schools can't afford them either so there are all these lovely new books and they're just sitting in stock rooms not being sold. The booksellers do their best to promote them but they do keep telling us the price needs to be more competitive. It's time we took some notice because we're losing money and nobody is benefiting, least of all the children.

–5– My friend's been doing the cabbage soup diet, you know where you eat almost nothing except cabbage soup for a week as a way of losing weight.Well, whilst it won't do her any harm, there's no scientific basis for it at all. They've made up rules which are quite hard to stick to and so you feel that you're doing something beneficial, which in a way you are. But, actually if she loses weight, it'll be because she's controlling what she eats – like all such diets, you know, it will be because she eats less rather than because of the cabbage itself.

–6– … when it rained, water came straight through the roof and into the bedroom. The bed's completely ruined. I'll have to buy another one ? and new bed clothes. I'm sure the shop won't be able to replace it exactly. They never have what I want in stock. It would never have happened if your employee hadn't left a hole. And where am I going to spend the night? I can't sleep there…

–7– We supply over 400 of London's restau­rants. The vegetables come from our stores deep in the heart of the wholesale market where in the very early hours of the morning, the orders are packed and loaded onto vans for delivery later that day. Our work begins as the restaurants are shutting. The chefs have finished cooking and they're planning the next day's menu which means placing their orders for fruit and veg with us. It gets really tough in the run up to midnight when everyone phones us at once with their requests. We don't catch up on paperwork until the afternoon – if we're lucky!

–8– WOMAN: I told her she could have it because we were planning to buy a new carpet pretty soon.
MAN: What did you say exactly?
WOMAN:Well … something like … you know … we've got this old carpet ? it's still in reasonable condition so maybe you'd like to have it as we're planning to replace it … something like that. I know she hasn't got much money but to just turn up like that and say ‘OK I'll take it now.’ She could have waited.

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