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Winter test (Upper-Intermediate)

UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 06.02.2015

Krátké zimní procvičení vybraných gramatických jevů pro úroveň Upper-Intermediate.

  1. I was abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, I happened ________ from my late father how to light a fire with flint and steel.
  2. He purchased that painting of winter scenery for a handsome sum mistakenly believing he was buying ________ Lada.
  3. “Why on earth aren't you using winter tyres?” asked the policemen. “Are you not aware of the danger? Isn't your or other drivers’ safety ________ to you?!”
  4. On Christmas Eve, the children began to be rather annoyed for there was still no snow. Little ________ the next day they would be literally buried under snow.
  5. ________ given a ski pass, I left the hotel and headed for the ski lift.
  6. He kept on talking about how fantastic the Alps were and ________ , but, man, he hasn't got the slightest idea of what a common person with two kids can afford!
  7. Last winter, my sister unfortunately slipped and fell, and we weren't able to ________ for 5 minutes!
  8. One wouldn't believe there were ancient peoples able to calculate the exact date and time of the winter solstice, who conceived of the Earth as flat and ________ in water at the same time.
  9. A: I hate hearing the bloody Jingle Bells all around from as early as the end of October, boy!
    B: If it ________ you happy, I will play Simon and Garfunkel's “A winter's day, in a deep and dark December…” for you.
  10. A: You ________ about the Japanese version of The Snow Queen (雪の女王) from 2005, I suppose?
    B: Quite! I am not much into anime, in all honesty.

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