Help for English

A few tricky-vocab/gram-tongue-twisters to spice up English lessons... :-)


  • ​That debt caused the death of my deaf dad.
  • I bet a bad bat is in my bed.
  • I didn't use to be used to using used plastic bags.
  • A bear with a beer can't bear a bird in his beard.
  • If he hadn't had a headache, he wouldn't have had to cut off his head.

Thank you, orim!!! That would definitely amuse my phonetics professor and give my students a headache. :-)

Here’s one of my own to practice the VW difference. Vegetarian Vendula’s very výborný village was wet one Wednesday when we visited. :-)

And try this one for decreasing your rolled R. Focus on the lips not flicking the tongue.

Braindead Brian’s brilliant British brown bread brought Britain’s breezy bricklayers to Brighton.

Enjoy :-)


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