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For classic games, what is the best soundtrack, the most attractive one? What are the soundtracks of the Best online games that anyone, any gamer knows? For me, the standing-out ones come to my mind will be Mario, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda. we grew up listening to these tracks as these games were always played all around us. Just catching the melody when passing through a neighborhood, we will know what people are playing. How about you? In my opinion, here are the top 10 soundtracks that you will always remember the melody of them.

Super Mario Bros

The first soundtrack comes from the familiar Mario game. I think all of us have spent time in our childhood playing this usual Mario game and knowing its soundtrack. As the familiar “ten-ten-ten-ten” melody sounds, you know for sure that someone is playing Super Mario Bros.

Megaman 2

This is an excellent piece of music made to make people want to play Megaman immediately. With continuous and fast pens, can it stop me from immediately wanting to play Megaman, picking up some robots, destroying bosses? This is almost the first song for the genre of robotics and can be said as the national anthem of this game genre. Moreover, You also enjoy this game as one of the free Online games to play with friends in your free time.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong, a favorite game, appeared in the cash game stores in the 2000s. Not to be confused with Mario, this game is also a hot and cheerful game with smooth gameplay. The soundtrack is an ear-catching song.

Legend of Zelda

A Link to the Past is designed with this piece of music made up of an orchestra – though it doesn't sound so good for now. But at that time, it was almost considered the hottest song in the game industry. This is probably the first orchestra was entered into the soundtrack of the game.

Donkey Kong Country 2

This is a better soundtrack remake from Donkey Kong Country and is included in the second part of this sequence. When we hear them, we can see the improvement and investment in the music of this game. The music of this game is almost ahead of time. Stickerbush Symphony with soft, harmonious melodies will dwell in your heart.

Sonic 2

With the vibrant, bustling soundtrack, almost all of the soundtracks in Sonic 2 games were extremely prominent at that time. The soundtrack is the evidence of the development in powerful dual chip technology for music creation in the game.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is not only one of the best RPGs of all time, but it also has an excellent soundtrack. With songs such as Robo's Theme, The Brink of Time, the variety of the game's music is undeniable.

To us, Wind Scene is the most emotional song in the game. The music is played when I fight the boss to rescue Princess Nadia.

Pokemon Red/Blue Theme

Besides Mario, Pokemon is also a favourite game popular with many gamers. According to the collected information, the Pokemon Red/Blue is the most widely known and most played game. It is no wonder that this soundtrack is also in the top 10 classic soundtrack that every gamer knows.

Final Fantasy

It's hard to think about the best soundtrack in the Final Fantasy sequel. All the music in the game is outstanding. Thanks to this kind of music which make Online games good in general. We decided to choose Nobuo Uematsu's Terra's The­me because this is the soundtrack that made us feel the most embarrassed about the game. This soundtrack is in Final Fantasy III and VI. The soundtrack is a combination of various instruments such as guitar, piano…

he soundtrack that made every player feel the most embarrassed about the game.

Street Fighter II

And the last game is Street Fighter 2. This is an extremely successful game with a new fighting style. Not only that, this game is extremely successful with the music game. Soundtrack Guille's Theme is very popular and is used extensively on youtube.


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