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Which Sport is the Best to Improve Your Reflexes?

Would you like to have the fastest reflexes compared to any friend? Or, do you want to react quickly to any stimulus? If you do, then the best sport to boost your reflexes is table tennis!

Believe it or not, table tennis or table tennis is the best way to increase your reflexes. There are many reasons, but here are 3 reasons why ping pong improves your reflexes!

1. Pong is the fastest tennis game

Compared to tennis and squash, ping pong ping goes faster than the sport. This is because of the smaller ping pong table and a much more powerful bouncing. Therefore, in order to achieve these balls, you need to have really good eye coordination to catch these fast moving balls. So you need to have really good reflections in response to these balls. Read more How to hold a ping pong paddle correctly for newbie

2. Ping pong balls are less visible than other sports

Table Ping Pong Competition is white and therefore harder to look. You need to be really sharp in your mind to focus on where the ball is moving. They are even more difficult to see when the ball moves very fast. Therefore, your eyes and hands must actually react fast to seeing these balls.

3. The distance between you and your opponent is small

Compared to tennis, the distance between your opponent is much smaller. This means that you have less time to react to your opponent versus tennis that you can see your hand and feet are moving where. With ping pong, you don't have much time to catch the opponent's mo­vement! Read What is the Standard size of a ping pong table?

Začala, když byla ve třeťáku, tak moc se snažila rychle obsloužit zákazníky, že porážela hromádky knih a jednou za týden zničila pokladnu.

To už tady jednou bylo, nebo mám deja vu? :)


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