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Our favourite TV series


Hi:), does anyone feel like talking about their favourite TV series and why they like them? (I have no idea if a discussion like this has taken place on this website before but I guess I'll just see if anyone reacts…)
My favourite TV series is by far The Big Bang Theory – hillarious:)
Another one of my favourites is Columbo – very clever, engaging and also funny..:) I think the actors are very good there as well..
The other reason I like them both is because I can practice my listening:) In fact, I have never watched TBBT in Czech.. Once I saw a part of one episode and I didn't like it at all.....but that might be just because I am really really used to the original version of it…

I am a big sci-fi fan. I like Star Trek series (and they have really easy language), but my No.1 series is Babylon 5. It´s difficult to tell you the reason. It´s thrilling, there are very good stories there, I like the actors, it´s exactly my cup od tea. It was pretty difficult to understand in the very beginning but I can understand much better nowadays (they often speak very quickly).


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