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Hello. I suppose many of you learn or learned more languages than only English. Do you someone learn an uncommon language? I am trying to learn Croatian and I´m stuck right now. I can´t choose proper material for the learning and Czech self-study textbook is soooo boring! I watched some English ones on the internet, but I´m not sure about anything right now. The ideal textbook should have vocabulary, grammar, some texts and dialogs and exercises and it shouldn´t be boring. But how to find it? How do you learn uncommon languages from scratch? What helped you in your beginning? Would you have any advice for me please? I learned only English and Italian before and there were plenty of materials for both of them on the internet…

I learn languages mostly from authentic materials, not textbooks TTT *1.
If you look for people learning various languages who'd gladly share their experience and materials with you, one of the best places is this Facebook group:…702202318672:)

  1. honestly, I can't stand them


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