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I guess it's a long shot but I'll give it a try and ask here anyway.

I just got back from English course and it'd be great to continue in improving my speaking skills.
I'd like to set up a group of people interested in conversation in Třebíč. The idea is that the group would meet once or twice a week for an hour or so and we would discuss different common topics in English. The meetings are intended to be educational and should be beneficial for everybody taking part. Ideal for students of Intermediate ⇒ Advanced level of English.

Attending the gatherings would be purely voluntary and free of charge. No specific date and place for the first meeting has been settled. For the first time I would recommend a neutral territory, e.g. nonspecific pub in town center.

For now I am asking just on this forum, subsequently I'll question other friends of mine interested in English.

So if you are interested in maintaining or honing your speakings skills, drop me a line.

Hi, I have just read your article. I sent you a message about five minutes ago. See your profile. Please, read it and let me know because I am from Třebíč and I´d like to set a similar group of people meeting for the conversation.

By for now!

Hello, I´d like to know if you were a success to set up this group.It seems interestingly to me because I am from Třebíč.


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