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Do you have tips for records for listening?


Do you have tip for record for listening, for expample when you go by bus to work or you go by car? I would like to listen anything that could help me improve my English. 8-) Thank you in advance for your response.

Not expample, but example :D

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With regard to your question, well, there are thousands of podcasts to download on the internet. It's just up to you what you are after. Just depends on your English level, your taste and your time available.

Actually, this has been discussed around here many times, so try looking around the forum threads.

There are many English podcasts on net that can be downloaded.
Here is a tip for those who are interested in paranormals:

Ghostvillage Radio – Ghost chronicles

My latest discovery:

hi, check BBC website – Learning English. There are piles of recordings there covering many topics you need to brush up your language skills.…ningenglish/

I could recommend podcasts in Britisch English – – and different topic from different people – . Both sites very useful.

I watch some movies or tv-shows sometimes. It helps me a lot! You should try! Anyway, this is not suitable to bus.

Here is another interesting podcast:

I love this one

I recommend…TheEllenShow . American English and very fun clips. It makes my day better every time I watch it.

Odkaz na příspěvek Příspěvek od Martina vložený před 9 lety

I recommend…TheEllenShow . American English and very fun clips. It makes my day better every time I watch it.

God, I love her channel. But everyone should be aware that Ellen's videos are very, very addictive :) You might think you just want to watch one or two short videos but often you end up watching like 15 or even more. At least, that's what's been happening to me lately :)

I know The Ellen Degeneres Show, too. It's really good :-)


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