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The Royal Family: Prince Harry, the troublemaker

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Kdo je princ Harry?

The Royal Family:

Prince Harry, the troublemaker

Prince Harry Harry (Henry Charles Albert David) was born in 1984.

Like his brother William, Harry's title is His Royal Highness Prince of Wales. Both of the guys sometimes use 'Wales' for their surname.

He also went to Eton College and then took a gap year, during which he worked with cattle in Australia, then at an orphanage in Lesotho where he and the prince of Lesotho later founded a charity for children with HIV.

Harry chose not to go on to university, but to launch straight into a military career. Because he is a serving soldier he doesn't have any royal duties.

For a long time Harry's paternity has been the subject of speculation and controversy. The potential father is James Hewitt, a royal subject, with whom Princess Diana admitted to committing adultery. Yet most sources report that Diana met only Hewitt for the first time when Harry was already 2 years old.

Harry is best known for his un-royal behaviour and playboy lifestyle, for which he has received a lot of criticism from both his family and the public.

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