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Word formation #10

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Doplňte do vět vhodné tvary slov.

Přečtete si věty a doplňte do nich vhodné tvary slov od jejich jiné formy v závorce na konci každé věty.

The organized the books according to their numbers. (library)

The company representatives were waiting for the of the plane. (arrive)

She has to make a whether to stay or quit the job. (decide)

There are about ten thousand in this town. (inhabit)

The police wanted him to make a about the robbery. (state)

In the museum you can see the largest of Barbie dolls. (collect)

Go and pay the . He's the man over there wearing the blue T-shirt. (cash)

‚Your essay has to have an and a conclusion‘, the teacher told us. (introduce)

My grandparents live in the part of the city. (south)

These two paintings share a certain . (similar)

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Doplňte do vět vhodné tvary slov.

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Doplňte do vět vhodné tvary slov.
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