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Word formation #11

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Doplňte do vět vhodné tvary slov.

Přečtete si věty a doplňte do nich vhodné tvary slov od jejich jiné formy v závorce na konci každé věty.

He dumped her over the phone. It was a very way to break up with her. (coward)

The company I work for is going bankrupt. I am about my chances of getting paid. (doubt)

Suzan and Jim have very children. After our visit in their house I was looking forward to a quiet room again. (life)

A figure has been seen near the river in our village. (ghost)

chop the potatoes and put them in a pan with olive oil. (rough)

The shirt fits beautifully but I'll have to the trousers because I'm not so tall. (short)

It's just a hypothesis which still needs . (confirm)

Not always do food manufacturers tell us the truth about the they put in our food. (add)

She is very sensitive. Be careful and don't her. (criticism)

My daughter has perfect and drawing skills. If she wants to she'll take art classes. (imagine)

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Doplňte do vět vhodné tvary slov.

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Doplňte do vět vhodné tvary slov.
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