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BUSINESS 08: Hotel (word quiz A)

Vydáno dne 12.05.2012

Ověřte si v jednodušším testu, co jste se naučili v rozboru slov a frází osmé lekce kurzu obchodní angličtiny.

Course Map (mapa kurzu)

Unit 08: Hotel


Pokud si nejste jisti, podrobný rozbor slov a frází osmé lekce naleznete ZDE.

  1. I needed to get changed so my colleague waited for me in the hotel ________.

  2. David ________, but didn't go to his room immediately. He was supposed to meet his boss in the hotel restaurant.

  3. Our accountant ________ by an email yesterday that the money had been sent.

  4. We ________ at a beautiful hotel in the city centre.

  5. My new colleague has an excellent ________ to work and I love working with her.

  6. I was surprised when I discovered that the ________ in my hotel room was empty. I'm not used to that.

  7. Why don't you order something to eat from the ________. It's available until midnight and you can eat it while watching TV.

  8. Can you ________ this form, sir? We only need your passport number and address.

  9. Can you wait for me in the ________ bar? I'll be there in a minute. I need to go back to my room and put my passport in the safe.

  10. I signed the ________ and got my key card. One of the receptionists then walked me to my room.

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