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Summer test (Intermediate)

INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 30.08.2014

Krátké letní procvičení gramatiky pro úroveň Intermediate.

  1. It was ________ weather that we stayed at home.
  2. And when exactly ________ , sir?
  3. We ________ some hot chicks on the beach the other day.
  4. Jack is on holiday? – Yep, he ________ Florida in the morning.
  5. Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, but ________ is the white limo in front of the hotel? It is in the way.
  6. Oh, you're back from the cruise! How have you been? And ________ hungry?
  7. On our way to Croatia, we stopped ________ on our friends in Bratislava. It was nice.
  8.  – How was your holiday? Mine wasn't very good, unfortunately.
     – ________ . We spent all summer with my mother-in-law!
  9. This swimming costume must be from prehistory, mum! I'm not going to ________ ! Everybody would laugh at me!
  10. – Just imagine – he ________ in the hot sand and whispered he loved me! It was so romantic!
     – It must have been fantastic!
     – It was. I just can't understand why he hasn't called me since…

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