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Word formation #15

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Předpony a přípony si budete moci procvičit v tomto testu na tvoření jiných slovních druhů z jednoho zadaného.

Complete each gap with a suitable form of the word in brackets.

His face was full of sadness and grief. (sad)

Installing antivirus software on a PC is highly . (recommend)

His hard work and has always inspired me. (dedicate)

I was trying to concentrate because my decision would either kill us or save us. (despair)

Ebola is an extremely disease. (infect)

The game has downloaded . (succeed)

Would you rather date an guy or a total caveman?(empathy)

You've entered your password . Please try again in 30 seconds. (correct)

I'm deeply sorry, Madam, for stepping on your foot. (accident)

You must overcome while driving at night. It's dangerous to fall asleep at the wheel. (sleep)

There are so many you can download to your mobile phone, like this one – look! It's cool, isn't it? (apply)

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