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Word formation #13

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Znáte podstatná jména jako bezprostřednost, střízlivost, neochota a další? Své znalosti a dovednost tvořit podstatná jména si můžete vyzkoušet v tomto testu.

  1. I was shocked not only by his looks but also by the of his behaviour. (immediate)
  2. “I'm sorry to announce that Luke has decided to leave our company.” – “Oh, good ! I didn't like him at all.” (rid)
  3. There was no lie in his eyes and the in his voice convinced me. He was telling me the truth. (sure)
  4. Susan could see everything in their looks, from anger to envy to . (hate)
  5. “General Clark, if we do not take measures against these brash citizens, there will soon be a upon us.” (rebel)
  6. Six months ago, Bill promised to quit drinking… Well, I went downtown last night and saw him boozing with his old mates. So much for his . (sober)
  7. “Your Majesty, I'm afraid we cannot afford to leave Bragolas out. He's too good a .” (war)
  8. Everyone just stared there in shock and disgust. Never in my life have I met with such to help the poor and suffering. (will)
  9. Bilbo was quite lucky when the trolls were turned to stone by an . They would have eaten him. (chant)
  10. I had no until I turned 12. Now my Mom gives me thirty bucks a month. (allow)

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