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BUSINESS 08: Hotel (test B)

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Závěrečný test osmé lekce kurzu obchodní angličtiny, která se věnovala ubytování v hotelech. Test B je o trochu náročnější než předchozí test A.

Course Map (mapa kurzu)

Unit 08: HOTEL


Pokud si nejste jisti, podrobné články o cestování letadlem můžete najít zde:
teorie, praxe 1, praxe 2, praxe 3

Do textu vepište vždy jedno z těchto dvaceti slov:

bathrobe bill business call
charged check continental credit
early fill housekeeper included
iron mini porter reception
registration service to valet

Peter Fuller worked in a bank in Brighton and needed to go to London on business. On Wednesday morning he got in his company car and set off on the journey. He had booked a hotel room near the office of his business partner where he would be attending a conference. He got to the hotel at about 9 o’clock. It was a small, simple four-star hotel where he would stay for only one night. The thing is there was supposed to be a business dinner after the conference and he didn’t like driving at night.

When he parked the car outside the hotel, a approached him and asked him if he was staying at the hotel and offered to park the car in the hotel garage. Peter just took his bag out of the boot and went to . He had called the hotel the day before and asked for an check-in, because he knew he would be there quite early, so he was happy his room was ready.

The receptionist just needed to see his passport and card and then Peter had to in and sign the form. After that a showed him his room. He unpacked and noticed that his business shirt was creased, so he had to call reception and ask if they could send up an , which was there in five minutes. A smiling brought it. Great hotel, he thought.

The conference didn’t start until noon and he was getting a bit hungry, so he called the room and ordered a cheese sandwich and a coke.

At about 11 he took a shower, put on the nice fluffy that he had found hanging on the bathroom door and started to prepare for the conference. Only then did he remember he needed to print some last-minute documents, so he called reception once more and asked where the centre was. He was told it was next to the reception, so he could easily print it on the way to the conference. He got changed, finished his coke, went downstairs, printed his documents and walked to the office of his business partner where the conference was being held.

When he got back to the hotel, it was long past midnight. The conference had been great and so had the dinner afterwards. When he was passing reception he arranged a wake-up with a receptionist, because he needed to be back in Brighton by 10.

At 7 am his room phone rang and he heard a pleasant voice saying it was time for him to get up. He had a quick shower, changed and rushed downstairs for breakfast. At the entrance to the hotel restaurant he was asked what his room number was and then the hotel employee informed him that breakfast was not in the room rate, unfortunately. Peter said it was perfectly fine and he would, of course, be happy to pay and requested it to be to his room. Then he was asked if he wanted full breakfast or just . Since he was in a hurry, the choice was clear. Then he was shown to his table, a waiter offered him tea and coffee and he was told he could help himself to anything from the cold buffet.

After breakfast he went back upstairs to his room, packed his bag and took the lift downstairs to reception where he needed to out. The receptionist asked him if he’d had anything from the bar the night before, to which he shook his head. Then she showed him the and asked if everything was ok. He nodded, paid by credit card and asked if they could prepare his car for him. The receptionist smiled and told him the car would be ready shortly, so he could wait outside the hotel. When he got there, he was handed his car keys and off he went, back to Brighton.

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