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Bar-B-Que – A Truly American Food

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V článku o jednom z nejpopulárnějších jídel v USA se zajisté dozvíte něco zajímavého a na konci si budete moci ověřit, zda jste článku rozuměli.

Bar-B-Que – A Truly American Food


Have you ever heard of American-style Bar-B-Que (BBQ for short)? It is a famous food in the United States that you may never have heard of. Every region in the United States has a different kind of BBQ. But it is always good wherever you are.

In the northern and western regions, BBQ means any meat cooked on a grill or over a fire. This could be a hamburger, a beef-steak, or anything else.

In the Midwestern United States, BBQ is slow-cooked beef called ‘beef-brisket’, with a spicy, rich tomato-based sauce. The city of Kansas-City, Missouri is famous for the special sauce it uses on BBQ. There is a famous restaurant called Arthur Bryants. They have been serving BBQ for over 80 years, which is very old for an American restaurant!

Further south from Missouri is Texas, which has a long and delicious tradition of great BBQ. Texans cook beef-brisket as well. And they also cook goats, a tradition from the country of Mexico. In Texas the BBQ is cooked by the smoke of an open fire. They use special wood from mesquite trees to make the fire. This mesquite wood has a distinct smoke and gives the BBQ a unique flavor. To the east of Texas, in the southeastern US, BBQ is smoked for many hours and most often uses pork. Many cities and states in the southeast have their own unique styles – which usually means a special sauce. In Alabama and Georgia, they make a sauce with tomatoes and it is a little sweet, smoky, and often spicy. In South Carolina the special sauce uses strong mustard. Further north, in North Carolina, the sauce is based on vinegar and is very, very spicy. It is too spicy for many people. In Memphis, Tennessee, they’re famous for using no sauce at all. Instead, they rub the meat with a mixture of spices. This mixture includes brown sugar and they cook it over a low, smoky fire for many hours.

If you visit any of these regions in the US, try the BBQ! It’s a truly unique food and each region is proud of their particular style.

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A nyní vás čeká 10 vět, u kterých se rozhodnete, zda jsou pravdivé “true” nebo ne “false”.

  1. There aren't many sorts of BBQ in the US.

  2. In the US, restaurants are usually more than 80 years old.

  3. In the Midwest, a veggie-based sauce with spices is served together with the BBQ.

  4. Goat BBQ is regularly prepared in Missouri.

  5. Texans use a special kind of wood to cook their BBQ.

  6. You should taste the BBQ when visiting the US.

  7. Not all regions use a sauce in the BBQ.

  8. Many sauces have strong taste and aroma because of special ingredients added to them.

  9. In one of the regions, they prepare beef over a low fire using smoke to cook it and call it BBQ.

  10. BBQ means grilled beef.

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