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Test: Verb patterns #4

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Další test zaměřený na slovesné vzorce. Bude sloveso v infinitivu nebo gerundiu?

  1. Can you imagine ________ in a house like this? – Not really. It's way too big.

  2. When I moved to Scotland, I was afraid a little, but I got used ________ on the left in no time.

  3. I suggested ________ home, but he ignored me and continued drinking.

  4. What are your plans for tonight? – Well, we're considering ________ in the sea. Do you want to come?

  5. You know what? We had a hard time ________ their house, because they all looked the same.

  6. My parents never approved ________ home late, but I did it anyway.

  7. I planned ________ a birthday party last week, but then I thought better of it.

  8. Josh met a girl online and went on a date with her. He didn't really fancy her and decided not to see her again. But she kept ________ him for weeks. – Yeah, I've been there. Very annoying.

  9. I'm tired ________ every single weekend. – Well, you probably know it, but you can always quit.

  10. Susan confessed ________ an affair with their gardener and her husband was devastated.

Tento test je součástí výukového programu EnglishMe, který nabízí 5 800 testových otázek a mnoho dalších výhod.

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