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Roses are red...

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Roses are red
Sun is still shining
After our dining
I want you in my bed

Roses are red
My face is green
You've forgotten me
Stupid Valentyn! 

Roses are red,
Isn't it sad?
If they were blue,
I would love you. 

Roses are red,
How I hate Valentine's! -
Girls, they don't like me,
I'm stuck with Ballantine's…

Roses are red,
When you're mad
The day I met you,
My dream came true.

Roses are red, love them and cherish,
“Las rosas son rojas” they say it in Spanish,
Keep it simple, stupid – just give me a KISS,
I wanna be your Valentine miss.

Roses are red,
You‘re always sad
Things ain‘t that bad
So don‘t make me mad.

Roses are red
But I don´t care
From the day we met
Love is everywhere

Roses are red
`N you in my bed
Covered in sweat
Also `ve turned red

Roses are red
And I´m going mad
Because my birthday
Is on Valentine´s day

Roses are red
Black is my writing
Losing our head
Was not so exciting
As we may have thought
The moment it came
Was I to have sought
This love with no name?

Roses are red
There’s something blue in your eyes
Like a martyr that’s bled
For someone who crucifies
Like someone you hate
For never can you reach them
Your private love fate
Since those two shrews’re idem

Roses are red
And I’m a bit hazy
’Bout whether I’m fed
Up with being crazy
Crazy when see you
Crazy when not
Oh, there’s more than summer
That can be so hot!

Roses are red
Here’s the last line:
Have I lost your head
Or you that of mine?

Roses are red, violets blue
I don't eat honey and neither do you
You've got a ring, that means a wife
I am so sad that you can't be mine

  • Roses are red,
  • and I´m glad that
  • I have you met
  • today will we fete!

Roses are red
What does it matter
Things you have said
Won't make me feel better

Roses are red
And they can burn
Why have you fled?
Now it's my turn

Roses are red
I'm turning my back
To you and your pack
To me you are dead

Roses are red
Is there something to regret?
Just stay here with me
And show how beautiful life can be.


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