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What's your favorite movie?


I just thought I might start a few threads here. So, let's talk about movies here! What are you favorites? Why do you like them?

Hi englishworms I have just finished watching one of my favourite movies.Are you curious whitch one it is. Let's play the game „guess guess here are some bright clues“ first of them is a immortal expression from the movie „Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get“ Do you know or just need next one? let's make it clear.Have a look at my profile and you get to know. anyway I'm into movies like squirrel into nuts. So let me present my movies that caress my movie soul. ............... Gattaca, Spirited away, All of Hayao Miyazaki's stuff, City of Gods, Incredibles, Good Will Hunting, K Pax, One flew over the, Cuckoos Nest, Samotáři, Cesta z města, Big Blue, Visiteurs, Beautiful Mind, Hooligans ............... and ??? more and more I didn't recall right now.

Hi there! I just love watching films so I had to visit this forum. And as I saw pakonik's text I decided to participate too. Well, my favourite movie is American Beauty – I thing it's a really great film which has something to tell :-D and K. Spacey is just unforgettable (as in K-PAX – I also love that one). Then the romantic part of me loves a French film called Amelie from Montmartre. The realistic part loves the film Lolita for its rawness and excellent performances of the main actors. And the funny part of my being loves The Knight's Tale. It is amusing and easy to undestand the English language and the music is also nice. But there are a lot of other films I like, I'm gonna name some of them: Nuda v Brně, Pelíšky, My Brother Tom, Seven, Vanila Sky, Samotáři,Good will Hunting, Beutiful Mind – these three are great, I agree with you pakonik – good taste 8-)I haven't seen the others you have so I can't tell. But I don't like Cesta z města. I think that the idea of this film is very good but I just can't put up with Tomáš Hanák staring there. I don't belive him a word.

I just LOOOVE the movie LOST IN TRANSLATION. I've seen it a zillion times and still love it. Bill Murray is an awesome actor.

Hello! I decided to add something to talk. Among my favourite movies belongs Brave heart with Mel Gibson. This movie is amazing . :-D From the others Queen of the damned, Face to Face. From czech I must mean Samotáři because there is excellent melancholic music and the charakters have problems as others in common life. This movie can i watch all the times again. And Perníková věž. I like actually a lot of czech movies.

Hi my favorit movie are Futurama,The Simpson's,Red Dwarf,South Park..ok this is a series.. 8-) From movie I like pakonik's Forres Gump,Pulp Fiction,Beautiful mind or Maverick and Back to the Future.And I like B movie and Cartoons.Sorry my English,but I study E. only from November…

And a few day back i saw good B comedy..eurotrip­..It was funy and with great music. Scotty doesn know that Fiona and me…good rock song 8-)

cos Scotty doesnt know… Yea nice rythm :-D

Hello !
I don´t understand… :-O I learn English… But I can´t it.
Here is super !!! My favourite movie are : Dirty dancing 2, How to lost a guy in 10 days, Mean girls etc. How are you ???
You answered !!!
:-) Buy…

I love ICE AGE!!! Oh my god, that sq…(veverka) is so lovely!!!

Yes, I must agree!I love the squirrel (or what should it be) too. Also, I love the short shot with this squirrel where she's gathering her beloved nuts and then falling and flying in the air and we can hear Mozart's music. :-D

Hello.Today, I decided to join you and discuss about theme. I absolutely agree with Simi, but I like the film Cesta z města. I dont know if I rather like Czech or abroad films. Probably half-and-half. From abroad films I would like to introduce FRIDA, MORTAL THOUGTS, CASTAWAY,CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR, CHOCOLAT, FACULTY, CHOSES SECRETES, KEN PARK, WARRIOR QUEEN, INSOMNIA, SHAWSHANK REDEPTION, THE NOTEBOOK, IRREVERSIBLE with Monica Bellucci!, but it isnt for emotionalists… My best film is American Beauty. I love everything in it. If you have seen, have you notice a great music by Thomas Newman?? … So from Czech films I would name KYTICE and ŽELARY.Next BOLERO, BYLO NÁS PĚT… I could see it million times :-D , KOLJA, KRÁSKA V NESNÁZÍCH, SKŘÍTEK, SAMOTÁŘI, REBELOVÉ, PELÍŠKY, POST COITUM, S ČERTY NEJSOU ŽERTY, SPALOVAČ MRTVOL, SMRT KRÁSNÝCH SRNCŮ, TMAVOMODRÝ SVĚT. I hate KAMEŇÁK!!! :? I couldnt see why people like it so much..... And French films are very boring for me and what about you? :shock: ****

i love Amityville

Hello, this is a great topic! :-D
My favourite movie genre is horror. I watch them all the time, but I'm a little choosy. For instance – horrors with no atmosphere and too much blood aren't good for me. Well, it's not like I NEVER watch them, but atmosphere and good story is better than all those kidneys, hearts and lungs jumping off a man's body and being eaten :-D So, here are some of my recommendations:
THE OTHERS – great story, shocking end-point and Nicole Kidman
THE GRUDGE – very frightening, especially if it's midnight
DEAD SILENCE – ugly dolls coming alive, thirsty for revenge!

And these are my other favourite movies:
REQUIEM FOR A DREAM – this is not for feeble characters! A story about drugs and addictions.
KILL BILL – I don't know why I like this movie, but I do :-)
HARRY POTTER movies – every one of them
I'm also fond of anime series like BERSERK, DEATH NOTE, FULL METAL ALCHEMIST and many others. So, if there's any otaku (anime and manga fan), feel free to contact me, so we can discuss this in English or Czech.

That's all for today, sorry for this long entry :-D :-D

I love films like „Million Dollar Baby“, „The 13th Warrior“,„Green Mile“, „Lord of the Rings“, „Shrek“, „Harry Potter“, „Taxi“, „Mulan“, „Ice Age“,„Snow Walker“, „Četnické humoresky“, „Tři oříšky pro Popelku“, films with Jackie Chan, and much more, Czech and foreign:-) I can't remember now :-D


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