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Hello. My skype nickname is Shakeenbakee.

who writing? thanks

Hi, my name is Petra. My skype name is petulikstenclik, add me and write short message who are you :)

Hello.. MY name is Daniel and I'm 20. I want to talk with somebody.. I'm learning english 2,5 mounths and I'm A2 I guess.
My skype name is dandula2358.

Hello everyone,I can recomend you my Skype teacher who helped me a lot with preparation for my university exams.Her name is Svetlana and she now is looking for new students.You can write to her to Skype,her nickname candygirl132.I dont know how much it costs now,but I paied only 250 kc for 45 minutes. She is very strick as a teacher,thats what I like.

Hi could you help me with prepairing to TOEFL test?
my skype account is: krysto59

thank you

Hi, I am 25 year old and wanna improve my spoken english. Skype ufin22

*Hi :) My name is Filip and I am 17 years old. I would like to improve my english.

my skype is: filip5461
my e-mail is:

Thank you. :-)*

My name is Markéta and I'm 14 (almost 15) years old. I'd like to speak english on skype. I'm not very well in this language, but I like Great Britain and everything about it. Write me, please!
Skype: marka775

Hello everybody,finally… Im glad that I found somebody who needs to improve english as me.I´m going to work abroad.That´s why I need to speak English a lot. My teacher is on maternity leave and now I dont have possibility to speak to someone. I would like to speak to someone via skype. I m looking forward to seeing you :-) .Im girl 28… My skype is mavok13 :-D

I'm preparing for FCE (taking fce in June 2012) – really need to improve my speaking :) Would you like to chat with me?

Skype: zoeyfff

(17 years old, girl :))

if I may suggest the website to improve English and have an opportunity to chat to English native speaker it is
thank you for visiting and your comments are more than welcome

Hi there!
My name is Franta, I'm 25 years old. I want to improve my English. Now I'm visiting english course and my English level is B1. I would like to speak on skype or chat on icq. My skype is fr.dolezal or my icq is 239757772.

I’m 17 year-old boy and I’d like to speak English on Skype because I think this is a great way to improve speaking skills. I’ll be glad for any response!
skype: zezulka59

Hello, my name is Pavla, 48 years old, and I would like to speak English on skype or on phone. I am on level pre-intermediate or intermediate. I am looking forward for your mail – address

Hi, Pavla


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