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Hi everyone,
I have suggestion for you. Let´s chat via ICQ or Skype. It will help us in better and faster conversation. My nickname is Terinka1984. :)

I have the same suggestion as Terinka 1984. I want to improve my English and so I am looking for friends for english chat – my nick for ICQ is kinemak.

hello my name is Merry and i would like to speak with somebody and this way improve my english skills :)… so i will be glatt if you add me at skype- susi111.g and we can talk

Wow, it's amazing idea :-D My icq is 470324145

Hello, I would like to improve my English, so I would like to chat, write with somebody. My icq is 635453421.

Hi, my name is Renata, 27 years old and I really need to improve my speaking so I´m looking for a person (about 27–35 years old and probably better woman) who have similar interest. I like the most watching films, listening to music and reading books. Send me a mesagge and we can make understood some time and we can speak on Skype. :-D

Hi, I am 17, boy, and I'd like to improve my spoken English. I understand well, but i find it difficult to speak. Please, if there is anybody who can speak and want to help write a personal message, or write here. Thank you very much. (skype)

im need learn english :-D im have 18 years

my skype : CrEvBaN and email :

If you want to chat or speak with me via Skype, just add me (my nickname is lamzulin). Or there's my ICQ number: 262272517. I'm 18 years old and I would like to study English at university (if I get in). And that's why I wanna improve my English :-)

and youre a girl, or a guy, or..? :D

i want chat or speak on skype about english lessons i am beginner :)

add me as well If you wanna speak in english. Ull find me on Skype as alain.gary


I am looking for someone as well. I am 25 and my skype nick is rastty.m .I am on pre-intermediate level. Please, contact me if you want.

Hi, I want to write a english story etc. via email. I don't use ICQ. I'am 23 yers old and my english level is intermediate.
I would later go on Skype
Thank You for your answer.

Have a nice day, see U


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