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Frázová slovesa #17: KEEP

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Vyzkoušejte si, jak znáte frázová slovesa tvořená se slovesem KEEP.

  1. The sign said: ‘Danger! Keep ________!’

  2. The reporter was sure that the spokesman was keeping something ________.

  3. Everyone in my class is very good at maths. It's hard to keep ________.

  4. If you want to learn the piano, you have to practise every day and keep ________.

  5. Mark, I need your help. I know it's late but I won't keep you ________ long.

  6. We all thought that the lecture would finish at 4. However, the lecturer kept ________ talking for another 30 minutes.

  7. We had a special net to keep ________ mosquitoes.

  8. I really like your website. Keep ________ the good work!

  9. He was kept ________ at school one day last week, because he had been very rude to his teacher.

  10. It's difficult for a teacher to keep students ________ cheating.

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