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Frázová slovesa #18: PASS

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Vyzkoušejte si, jak znáte frázová slovesa tvořená se slovesem PASS.

  1. It was so hot in the room that he passed ________. We had to splash his face with cold water to bring him round.

  2. She's very mature. Although she's only fifteen, she can easily pass ________ a nineteen-year-old.

  3. The traditions of the tribe were passed ________ from one generation to the next.

  4. Could you pass that information ________ to your classmates, please?

  5. Her father passed ________ last month. She's still rather sad and depressed and starts crying whenever she thinks of him.

  6. Mitch got an essay from the Internet and tried to pass it ________ as his own.

  7. Sometimes he just likes to sit on a park bench and watch the people passing ________.

  8. I'm sorry, I can't come tonight. I have a bad cold and I don't want to pass it ________ to the kids.

  9. At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher passed the copies of the poem ________.

  10. I suggested something at the meeting but they just passed ________ it.

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