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Vynechávání vztažných zájmen (cvičení)

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Kdy lze vztažné zájmeno vynechat a kdy ne? Vyzkoušejte si tento test.

Určete, zda podtržené vztažné zájmeno ve větě je možné vynechat, nebo nikoliv.

  1. The man who lives next door is very ill.

  2. My mother, who I haven't seen for a few months, is coming next week to see us.

  3. The textbook which I bought is excellent.

  4. The city where we live is noisy and dirty.

  5. Have you found the book which you were looking for?

  6. What happened to the boy who used to go to school with us?

  7. I bought the novel that our teacher had recommended to us.

  8. The bicycle which I wanted to use had a puncture.

  9. Everything that he says is a lie!

  10. He is a person who I know very well.

  11. This is not the place which we were told about.

  12. My best friend, who I know very well, would never hurt anybody.

  13. An atheist is someone who doesn't believe in God.

  14. It is not something that people want to hear twice.

  15. John is the person whose sister likes you.

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