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Frázová slovesa #19: RUN

INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 19.07.2006

Vyzkoušejte si, jak znáte frázová slovesa tvořená se slovesem RUN.

  1. Jack says ‘hi’. I ran ________ him when I was shopping this morning.

  2. I ran ________ the thief but I didn't catch him.

  3. I went shopping and quickly ran ________ money.

  4. After years of marriage, his wife ran ________ with another man.

  5. She died in hospital six hours after she had been run ________ by a drunk driver.

  6. The boy had some problems and decided to run ________ from home.

  7. Could you run ________ six copies of this for me?

  8. My boss always runs me ________ for coming late to work.

  9. I was supposed to be at home at 7, but the meeting ran ________ for two more hours!

  10. I can't read this book in a week! It runs ________ 1000 pages!

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