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Reading: Dawson's Creek Episode Guide

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Test čtení s porozuměním. Přečtete si informace o jednotlivých epizodách první sezóny seriálu Dawsonův svět (Dawson's Creek), a odpovíte na osm otázek.

Read the episode guide to series one of Dawson's Creek and answer the questions below.

Dawson's Creek

Season 1

    dawson's creek

  • Episode 0
    Dawson irks his best friend Joey with his attraction to a new neighbor, while Pacey flirts with his new English teacher.

  • Episode 1
    Dawson causes a scene at the school dance for leading lady Jen, while Joey calls Mrs Leery on her liaisons.

  • Episode 2
    Dawson tries to plot the perfect kiss for Jen; Joey is wooed by a stranger (Anderson) and Pacey graduates to manhood. dawson's creek

  • Episode 3
    Dawson uncovers his mom's affair with Bob, Joey's lie, and Jen's secret past. Pacey seeks out Dawson's secret video tape that inadvertently captured Pacey and Tamara.

  • Episode 4
    During a hurricane, Dawson blows off his friends and Mitch storms out after catching wind of Gale's affair.

  • Episode 5
    A rumour at Capeside proves fateful for Pacey and Tamara. An unfriendly face helps Bessie during labor at the Leerys.

  • Episode 6
    In this episode themed after the movie "The Breakfast Club", the gang all lands Saturday detention, where bitter rivalries arise between Dawson and Pacey; and Joey and Jen.

  • Episode 7
    Dawson feels the heat when Jen is visited by her old boyfriend. Joey lets off too much steam at a beach party.

  • Episode 8
    Dawson joins Pacey and Billy on a boy's night out. Jen does damage control as a not so nice rumour about Joey circulates around school.

  • Episode 9
    Dawson has a Friday the 13th party and pulls out all the pranks. dawson's creek

  • Episode 10
    Dawson tries to make Jen jealous by bringing a date to the fair as they tag along with Jen and Cliff, but Dawson ends up the jealous one when Pacey sports a fondness for Joey. Mitch wonders if Gale's affair is really over.

  • Episode 11
    Joey enters a beauty pageant for a chance to win money for college, and causes Dawson to see Joey in a whole different light. Pacey strikes a blow for men's lib by also entering the beauty pageant.

  • Episode 12
    Dawson finally admits to his feelings for Joey and they kiss for the first time. Jen looks to get back Dawson's affection after her grandfather passes away.

    Used with permission, Dawson's Creek Music Guide.

    Now answer the questions.
    Write the number of the correct episode (0-12) into each field.

In which episode does one of the characters have sex for the first time? – Episode 

In which episode does someone die? – Episode

In which episode do two very good friends become enemies? – Episode 

In which episode does Joey get mad because Dawson falls for another girl? – Episode 

In which episode do people say things that are not very pleasant for Joey? – Episode 

In which episode does one of the characters probably get drunk? – Episode 

Which episode could have the title ‚Discovery‘? – Episode 

Which episode could have the title ‚The Scare‘? – Episode 

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