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Multiple choice: Disneyland

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Do textu, který vypráví o Disneylandu, doplníte deset vynechaných slov (z nabídnutých možností).

Reliving the Dream at Disneyland

Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland

Cinderella's Castle

I'm a 34 year old father of one who grew up in Southern California. When I was a child, it wasn't for me and my family to visit Disneyland at least three times a year. When I a teenager, Disneyland no interested me because the things that seemed so large in my appeared a lot smaller in reality. You could say that, for me, the magic of the Magic Kingdom had  .

Now, through the eyes of my daughter, a trip to Disneyland has rekindled many of the feelings I once had as a child about the Happiest Place on Earth. Several things have changed about Disneyland over the years. , the one thing that remains constant is the look of in a child's face when they walk through the entrance and into Main Street for the first time.

from an article by Michael A. Stazko

About the author of the article:
Michael A. Stazko is a Plano TX real estate agent and founder of a website that provides information on San Diego real estate and attractions. Visit his website to view pictures of his trip to Disneyland California.

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