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Intermediate Grammar Test 3

INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 24.04.2007

Delší gramatický test obsahující 50 otázek. Na gymnáziu v Přelouči byl součástí velkého závěrečného testu maturantů. Jak byste obstáli vy?

  1. It's a beautiful day. Let's ________ a walk.

  2. ________ French, because I want to visit Paris next month.

  3. I don't remember ________ her before. She must be new here.

  4. Don't worry about her. If she needed help, ________ for it.

  5. As ________ along the road, I heard a strange clicking noise from the engine.

  6. George's bag is ________ to mine.

  7. She doesn't know where ________.

  8. This is the house ________ we live in.

  9. There aren't any chocolates left, ________?

  10. Carly ________ me about the new restaurant.

  11. I won't let you go until you ________ not to tell.

  12. Look, this bus is full. – Really? ________ another one, then. Don't worry.

  13. Something woke me up shortly after ________ midnight.

  14. Can you see this house? It ________ to me.

  15. Rugby is a ________ sport, I think.

  16. You can't ________ it off any longer. Do it now!

  17. Do you know ________ the Mona Lisa? – I think it was Da Vinci.

  18. If you like sci-fi films, you ________ The Island.

  19. I don't mind ________. What I mind is the rain!

  20. I don't have ________ to buy a new computer.

  21. My brother didn't want the old car we got from our father, and ________.

  22. He always chooses a ________ subject to talk about.

  23. Finally, ________ won the war and regained control of their own country.

  24. I think you ________ to call her. She's waiting for it.

  25. Hemingway received the Nobel ________ for literature.

  26. He wanted ________ my calculator, but I said ‘no’.

  27. I ________ it very easy to memorise poems.

  28. The book was called The Rise and Fall of ________ British Empire.

  29. The news of his sudden death ________ shocking to everyone.

  30. I want to have ________ this summer.

  31. We were surprised when he was arrested, because ________ anything to anybody.

  32. “What time ________ tomorrow?” – “At 7 am.”

  33. Look me ________ when you come to New York. We will go for a beer!

  34. I'm so sick and tired ________ my job right now.

  35. The town is very ________, not as noisy as Philadelphia.

  36. ________ since yesterday and I love the city already.

  37. Which of you ________ to go first? There's only room for one.

  38. I can't afford ________ so much money for rent!

  39. My friend Jack was in Brazil ________ three years.

  40. ________ me a favour, will you? Can you tell Josh I need to talk to him?

  41. I need a few hundred dollars ________ cash to pay for the car.

  42. “Why are you so tired?” – “________ tennis with Mark.”

  43. She wants to go to the school prom with me. I wish ________ how to dance!

  44. The book made ________ very sad.

  45. I ________ spend the day on the beach, but I went to the cinema with Jenny instead.

  46. If I ________ you, I'd go and tell her how I feel.

  47. The agency will provide everything ________ you need.

  48. Why did you jump into the pool? You can't swim. You ________!

  49. Last summer I ________ a chance to take part in an expedition to the Himalayas.

  50. There were quite ________ people at the meeting yesterday.

Tento test je součástí naší výukové aplikace englishme! , která nabízí tisíce podobných testových otázek, ale také spoustu jiných aktivit na zlepšení vaší angličtiny.

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