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English slang #1

Vydáno dne 17.11.2007

1. díl seriálu testů zaměřených na hovorové výrazy používané v britské angličtině.

Doplňte do každé z následujících deseti vět jedno slovíčko z tabulky. Slova musí být použita v tom tvaru, ve kterém jsou v tabulce.



1.Hey, lunch break’s in a bit, fancy going outside for a  ?

2.I’ve known Jack for absolute years; we’ve been friends since infant school.

3.He’s a lovely .

4.When I was little, I would spend all my free time with my granddad and my  .

5.So, after that really big presentation, the whole office went the pub.

6.We were all completely in the club that Friday night – I could barely stand up by the end of the night!

7.Look at that lad over there trying to climb that lamppost – he is absolutely  .

8.Stop around, we’re going to be late for the cinema! You look fine!

9.Oi Dave, look at that leggy blonde over there – she’s well  .

10.I’m so jealous of Greg. He’s got a sports car, a house in the country, a yacht and a stable full of racehorses – the man’s , I tell you.

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Kat is a bilingual speaker of English and Russian studying Czech and Russian at the University of Bristol in England, currently on her year abroad in the Czech Republic. If you live in that area and would like private lessons in either or both of the aforementioned languages, please do not hesistate to contact Kat. She is nice. She might even give you cookies.

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