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Miscellaneous Upper-Int. 21-25 (revision A)

UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 04.01.2011

Opakování z testů 21–25 pro pokročilejší angličtináře, verze A.

  1. History shows us that man is the most dangerous animal ________.

  2. Are you in the mood for a horror movie? – I'd rather ________ something else, if you don't mind.

  3. Smith would have been fired ________ been for his union activities.

  4. Dad should be here in about ten minutes, unless ________ late again.

  5. When I was a kid, I wished our family ________ more money.

  6. Elena meets the Salvatore ________ are actually vampires.

  7. In the exam I was asked to define ________.

  8. Most people find ________ nails unappealing.

  9. The man who ________ in that house is said to have hanged himself.

  10. Treat people the way ________ you would want to be treated.

  11. Last month at the awards ceremony, he wasn't really surprised when they read his name. He actually learned about his victory ________.

  12. Pizza's here! – Great, it was ________ time.

  13. What are the conspiracy theories on why ________ Kennedy was shot?

  14. Your son will have to live ________ the name you've given him until he's old enough to get it changed.

  15. Something I said or did sent him over the ________. He just started screaming at us!

Tento test je součástí naší výukové aplikace englishme!, která nabízí tisíce podobných testových otázek, ale také spoustu jiných aktivit na zlepšení vaší angličtiny.

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