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Miscellaneous Upper-Int. 21-25 (revision B)

UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 06.01.2011

Opakování z testů 21–25 pro pokročilejší angličtináře, verze B.

  1. It was ________ the stupidest thing he's ever done.

  2. The sunset was beautiful. It was as if the sky ________ on fire.

  3. ________ anyone want to buy the old Commodore 64, some websites are still selling them.

  4. If I ________ a woman, I would have found that comment very offensive.

  5. My dad once told me, to my utter dismay, that he wished he ________ my mom.

  6. The teacher told us a ________ I missed completely.

  7. Having a ‘gaydar’ means that you will easily recognize ________.

  8. Hagrid started crying like an ________ kid.

  9. This is what my grandma ________: It's okay to talk to yourself, as long as you don't answer.

  10. The email they sent me had instructions ________ the registration fee.

  11. Our company has generated quite a lot of profit ________.

  12. The concert started right ________ time.

  13. The book was published on the anniversary of the death of ________ Keats.

  14. The pastor encouraged his congregation to pray and to live ________ the scriptures.

  15. With the hotel staff at my ________, I had a wonderful, relaxing holiday.

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