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Family and relationships

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Maturitní otázka – rodina a vztahy, základní informace, témata na zamyšlení, cvičné otázky apod.

FAMILY = the basic social group, present in all societies

- should provide companionship and security, love and emotional support
- different structures (vary from society to society):

NUCLEAR FAMILY (úplná rodina)
* 2 adults and their children = the main unit in many societies

EXTENDED FAMILY (široká rodina)
* nuclear family + grandparents and other relatives

* a result of divorce or unmarried mothers having children

STEP FAMILY (nevlastní rodina)
* created by the new marriage of a single parent
* there can be problems between the children and step parents (may not like each other, be jealous, etc.)

UNMARRIED COUPLES (svobodné páry)
* pretty common nowadays to co-habit without getting married (young people or elderly widowed couples ŕ find it economically practical to live together without marrying)

* also live together more openly today
* sometimes share their households with the children of one partner or with adopted children

The family composition in industrial societies has changed dramatically. Couples tend to have less children - averagely 2 (compared to 7 in 1800).
It is partly caused by the continuing changes in women´s roles:

* have joined the labour force
* increasing employment and education opportunities of women
* rising expectations of personal satisfaction through marriage and family

Some couples choose to postpone having children until their careers are well established or not to have any at all.
Childless families may also be the result of the availability of birth control measures (contraception, abortion).

The divorce trend: increasing, partly due to the fact that women are economically more self-supporting and legal grounds for divorce are eased, therefore it´s easier for partners to leave a dissatisfactory relationship.

Causes of split up: unfaithfulness, infertility, interefernce by in-laws, financial problems, jealousy...

Possible family problems: teenage mothers, abortion: Yes or No?, young couples, adoption, generation gap, housing...


- define family
- types of family units
- changes in family structure
- causes of the changes
- the divorce trend
- split up causes
- possible problems (name some and choose one for a longer talk)


1. What´s the right age to start a family?
2. Does having a baby mean one has to be married?
3. How long should people know each other before getting married?
4. Would you like to get married one day?
5. What kind of person should your potential spouse be?
6. What kind of wedding would you like to have? (Where) Would you like to go on your honeymoon?
7. Would you like to have children? How many?
8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having children?
9. What makes a good marriage? What leads to marriage problems and divorce?
10. Do you agree that lifelong marriage is no longer expected in society?

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