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Cloze: Devil's Footsteps

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Do textu o záhadných šlépějích ve sněhu doplníte chybějící slova.

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Devil's Footsteps

winter morning in 1855, people of the English county Devon woke up to a weird and wonderful sight. There were tracks of an unknown creature disturbed the untouched blanket of snow. These tracks were no ordinary hoof, paw or foot prints – they went on and on for miles, walking over, as to around obstacles that came in their . To this day not a single person has been to interpret, understand or explain who or what was responsible for this rather peculiar occurrence. At the time of this phenomenon, people were so stunned and impressed by what they saw their emotional state may have influenced the witness they gave to the press. Also, a long time has since this, and details may have changed as no proper record made at the time.

The fateful night was the 8th of February. It had snowed a lot that night, and the whole land was completely covered. what witnesses said, it stopped snowing at around twelve o’clock at night. Devon is a major farming county and people to get up fairly early to work at their farms, so the birds left their houses at about six in the morning and became the first ones to behold the strange prints on the snow. These people were always the first to wake up, so there should not have any marks made before them. Word went from village to village and the whole county was to discover that the prints spanned over more than 100 miles.

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