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Crime and punishment

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Conversational questions for Crime & punishment with sample answers given by the 4th year students at the Business Academy in Vysoké nad Jizerou.

1. Crime - can it be stopped?

  • NO, because crime has always been there.
  • NO, because there will always be people who commit crimes.
  • NO, because people are envious and evil and want more for themselves.

2. What leads people to committing crime?

  • lack of money
  • unemployment
  • drugs and alcohol
  • economic crisis
  • mental issues
  • gambling
  • revenge
  • envy
  • problems at school, work
  • bad political system
  • family problems
  • "bad" friends

3. Why are more young people getting involved in crime nowadays?

  • influence of "bad" friends
  • need for money (drugs, alcohol)
  • they want to be heroes in their friends' eyes
  • boredom
  • bad upbringing

- what are the typical teenager crimes / crime-related issues?

mugging, fighting, underage alcohol drinking, drug abuse, shopliftig, gambling

4. How do drugs and alcohol contribute to increasing crime? Give examples.

  • People under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are more aggressive and they often don't know what they are doing
  • Drugs and alcohol change people's behaviour, they don't think reasonably, and they need money for it.

5. What can be done to stop crime from increasing?

  • education
  • talking about drugs and alcohol issues
  • more hobbies and duties in people's free time
  • harder punishment

6. Are prison sentences an effective punishment for criminals? Why?

For some criminals prison is bad - they don't get on with other criminals. Some of them are having a good time - they can watch TV, do sports...
No, community service is better. / Community service is an easy penalty.
Yes, it's right to take their freedom. It's a cruel punishment for a man.

7. Could other forms of punishment work better than prison? If so, what?

Criminals should suffer the same way their victims have.

  • what do you think about the death penalty?
  • what do you think about punishment in the form of community service?

Community service: we think that it's good because criminals have to do something for society.
Death penalty: we think if somebody kills, he should die, too.

8. What do you expect from the police concerning crime and protection?

  • More interest concerning criminality - some of them are indifferent.
  • I expect better protection and help, more interest.

What punishment should the following people get?

a) A ten-year-old child who has committed 8 burglaries in six months.

  • community service and therapy

b) A thirteen-year-old girl who has been caught shoplifting. She stole a jumper.

  • financial penalty and hanging her photo in the shop.

c) A fifteen-year-old boy who went joy riding and killed an innocent pedestrian.

  • he should be sent to a remand home.

d) An eighteen-year-old boy who mugged an eighty year old woman.

  • community service; help her with housekeeping

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